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Here is a sophisticated way to display stereo art in your home or office that will surely draw attention and start many interesting conversations. In the late 1940's View-Master was considered a high-tech photo medium, and was sold in camera shops and high-end department stores. The advertising displays were often very up scale, and aimed at the more sophisticated shopper. I am offering reproductions of two of these displays from the View-Master stereo library; "Stoney Indian Chief" and "Roy Rogers".

The originals of these very rare displays were dye-transfer prints that were glued to mat board, which was then glued to a masonite backing (all have now yellowed with age). The reproductions I am offering were digitally scanned from the originals prints, color corrected, printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Paper (type CD), and dry mounted on 100% acid free rag board. They are framed in copper colored metal frames, and have the original View-Master reels that the images were taken from in the lower right corners (reel 320 "Indian Days Banff" and 945 "Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys" respectfully). The reels are trimmed on one side just like the original displays. Even the name plates are exact duplicates of the originals. The prints are a limited edition that are hand numbered on the mat.


Only 10 displays were made from each original, and no more will be made. Only a few are left, and I am offering theses at below cost so that I can recover some space in my home (they are large sized prints!). This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of quality stereo photography art work that is sure to bring compliments from young and old alike.

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